Attention Real Estate and mortgage professionals!

A Successful Business Growth Strategy To Earn More Money & Gain Back YOUR TIME
Begins With You!

Your Business - Your Life - Your Way

Imagine this:

You Have the Clarity, confidence and business Strategy So You Can build a consistent and predictable income WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Personal Life.

As a business owner, high level executive OR Solopreneur....

your business, And your life balance seems to fade away....

the more successful you become...

Mortgage and Real Estate Business Owners/Managers

There Is a Step-by-Step Framework that Solves the Challenges Most Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage Owners and Managers struggle to overcome...

  • struggling to attract the right sales team into your office.

  • losing salespeople out the back door as quickly as they enter the front door

  • Low levels of productivity

  • frustrations with the administrative and support staff

High-level Executives

Build a Consistent, Predictable, 6 or 7-Figure Income AND Still Have the Freedom to ENJOY Life!

  • Are you aimlessly wandering in your business?

  • Are there just not enough hours in the day?

  • Do you struggle with focus and overwhelm?

  • Are you struggling with or avoiding the highest value activities?

  • Are you worried you've hit your peak and, now, there is no place but down?

Real Estate & Mortgage Sales Professionals

I believe an aligned business places you above the competition, and outside influences.

  • just not as profitable as you'd like.

  • Have you been on a success-failure -success rollercoaster?

  • Are you uncertain whether what you’re doing today can contribute to where you wish to be?

  • Is there too much month left at the end of the money?

  • Are there not enough hours in a day?

  • are you getting only incremental improvements following the "gurus"?

Will A Breakthrough Strategist really Help You?

Do you know WHAT to do

but not DOING what you know?

Ralph Waldo Emerson warns -

“Envy is ignorance, Imitation is Suicide.”


First, let me ask you a few questions:

How often do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you struggling to scale your business?

Do you find yourself avoiding activities that you know would make a difference to your business?

Does your family ask who the stranger is at the dinner table the one time you show up because you work so much?

Does the word “delegation” sound like

something from a foreign language, threatening your need to control everything?

Do You Have Your Strategy?

Is It In The Right Sequence?

Step one

Have Clarity of


(Clear perceptions)

Step Two

Have Clarity of Direction

(Accurate Decisions)

Step Three

Have Clarity of


(Effective Actions)


Before you can have, you need to do, and do the right things , in the right way, you need to BE the person who would do them. You need to be the top producer with the confidence, money, AND free time, FIRST!

Most people have this order reversed.


Most people try to add MORE how-to, more technology, more time prospecting, or more social media and marketing. The logic goes...they'll DO more deals, so they can HAVE more income!

Has that worked so far? For most it does not work over the long term


Here's the secret. You can't have what you want until you become the person who would have it...whatever "it" is. Imitating success, forcing yourself to be someone you are not ends in disappointment or frustration, at best, or and relationship breakdowns.

Force negates.

What Is the process for you

Be You

To align and build your business to serve your life, your unique way is the key to success. Knowing your values, discovering your innate talents. and your story are "The Core" of who you really are. YOU are your unfair advantage.

Be first at being YOU instead of second best at being someone else.

Be Willing

Often we struggle with life and business. We fight with so many obstacles, fears, and self-talk. What we hold onto holds us! What if you could let go of and move through what has you? What if you were willing to look dumb, make mistakes, go broke, lose clients and have no time for life.

I didn't say you had to DO any of those things. Just feel how it feels to simply be willing to.

Be Free

What if you were free to take actions you were never able to take before. What if you were free of confusion and had total clarity? What if you were free to be, do, and have anything you wanted from you business and life? What if?

You can...the way to that life is THROUGH

who you are today.

Programs, Coaching & Consulting

I have developed levels of services to meet most needs and budgets. All the offerings are based on the Your Business, Your Life, Your Way Framework training, content, exercises, strategies, and tactics. The only remaining question is...Which is right for you? Let's meet for 15 minutes to find out.

Your Business, Your Life, Your Way Framework Program

The best value. Unlimited access to the membership/training site. Video training, exercises, worksheets. Weekly live group calls. 1:1 coaching sessions. On demand group coaching via Voxer app, onboarding and wrap up sessions.

1-on-1 Customized Business Coaching

Best results. This custom coaching includes all of the above PLUS 3 monthly 1-on-1 customized sessions and private on-demand coaching via Voxer. By far the most effective way to reach your vision.

Self-Paced Training Program

Lowest investment. The complete Your Business, Your Life, Your Way program delivered on the membership site. The information is powerful and the exercises are eye opening. It is not my first choice for nearly all clients.

Brokerage By Design

For real estate and mortgage brokerage owners or branch managers. This program focuses on aligning the team. Attracting the right people systematically maximizing productivity, and reducing management challenges.

Laser Coached

Laser Coached is one-on-one short bursts of unlimited coaching (15-minutes). It is ideal for additional support for the Your Business, Your Life, Your Way members or if you have a very clear direction and would like support getting there, or you have a specific challenge. (I do not accept many not in YBYLYW)

What is The

Your Business, Your Life, Your Way Framework

Why "Training" Fails


From Mystery to Mastery

Jeff Grieshammer

Christine Beckwith

David Harris

Phil Cicio

Tim Tenney

Locke Haman

Why Copy and Mimic the Success of Others?

Create Your Business, to Serve Your Life, Your Way Instead...

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